Sunday Splendid is simply the manifestation of a life long dream. Dr. Renee Sunday has lived and continues to live, a life of adventure. To say the least, she is definitely “out of the box” – and her impeccable character shows that.


Her perseverance through poverty, bullying, low self-esteem, and self-sabotage allows the world to see the power that she truly has. After all, who could bounce back so beautifully after losing 6-figures in one day? SHE DID!!! And this is why we can introduce her newest accomplishment.


The Sunday Splendid fragrance line was birthed from Dr. Sunday’s passion of being a health and naturalist advocate. It is also fueled by her advocacy in pushing others into their purpose.


The new Sunday Splendid Fragrance embodies confidence, boldness, royalty, and opulence. A definite conversation piece, the scent of it represents everything magnificent and significant. Each and every drop tells a tale of it’s own and leaves everyone feeling and being its namesake – Splendid!


No matter what dreams and goals toi have, your success is sure to be Splendid.


Sunday Splendid is a luxury fragrance obtained from gray amber, which is a legendary ingredient in perfumes. It originates from the depths of the ocean, providing a pure and crystalline freshness that is clean and appealing to the senses.


The Sunday Splendid Collection is delivered by our partners and our Splendid family via the home, office, various events, socials, personal shopping, and/or online orders.


Sunday Splendid partners and the Splendid family represents our brand because of their passion and persistence to spread the message of Dr. Renee Sunday worldwide.

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